Italian Coffee

Barista style impeccable taste and consistency.

From Bean to Cup.


Offers a stronger espresso flavour and a luxurious texture. To make it properly requires much skill and attentiveness. Expertly handcrafted and served in our Cappuccino cup for a genuine Cappuccino experience.

Cafe Latte

This is the original coffeehouse classic. A caffè latte is simply a shot of bold, tasty espresso with fresh, sweet steamed milk over it. Some prefer to add syrup or extra espresso to the recipe. Some maintain that it is entirely perfect as is.


Chocolate and coffee are flavours that meant for each other. Both are rich and full of depth. Where one is creamy, the other is roasty. They complement each other perfectly. And when they come together you’ll wish their union would last forever.


Rich flavour, lingering aroma and caramelly sweetness make it the perfect foundation for lattes, cappuccinos and all our espresso-based beverages. But you can also enjoy it all by itself – that might be the best way to discover its nuances.

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